March 31, 2009

Smith's porno bill is going up

One good thing has come out of the Jacqui Smith pornothon affair, a good thing for Jacqui Smith's husband at least. Apparently she was so furious that she has expelled him from the marital bed, so he will now be sleeping on the sofa. Which he must be very grateful for. No more gurning monster and more time tucked up in front of the television to spending intimate moments with somebody he truly loves: himself. I wonder if they put the tissue paper on expenses as well?

March 30, 2009

Labour's Porn Problem

I didn't write much about the last Labour sex sandal other than to say I felt it was a private affair. This one is different. Jack Boots Jaqui's better half was found buying porn on her expenses account. He was using our money to indulge in something that Labour has shown itself only too ready to try and regulate with idiotic laws that could make the likes of Watchmen illegal. The problem is not that he was wanking off to porn of course. Quite frankly if it was masturbation or sex with Jacqui-Boots Smith so can you really blame him? Who would really want to stick it into that diseased and putrid hole. That they were ever able to spawn is a surprise. Having her sweating visage gurning at him must have made him thin he had accidentally switched from his porno channel and onto the horror. Perhaps he normally takes her from behind? It would avoid the need to look and anal would certainly be a cleaner and more healthy option than the front entrance, and there might even be some chance of touching the sides by doing it that way. Jerk off all you want but an MPs salary should be able to satisfy for most pornographic needs, or perhaps Mr Timney (he didn't want to have the same name as her, and you cannot blame his for that as well. Personally I'm not keen on having to share oxygen with the bitch) is in need of some more specialist stimulation: Barely legal, barely living, or given who he married, barely human? Or all three? Perhaps we now know the real reason behind the Labour anti-porn crusade. It isn't about enforcing their own puritanical morality on others, it is about trying to pry other halves away from the porn so as they might actually get some kind of a desperation fuck once in a while. Either way their hypocrisy is as rank as Mrs Smiths fetid and scabrous vagina.

March 26, 2009

Inflation is coming

Looks like I'm not the only person that thinks that the threat of deflation is bunkum, a spectre conjured up in order to let the government get away with delivering a huge inflationary spike to inflate away its massive debts. The collective judgement of the bond markets appear to agree with me. After yesterdays failed auction of normal gilts, which failed, today there was an auction of inflation linked gilts, which was a roaring success. Clearly there are a lot more people out there worried about the future inflationary impact of Labour's policies than the MSM would have us believe.

March 24, 2009

Dan Hannan

Here, via Guido is a speech of Dan Hannan ripping into Gordon Brown over the financial disaster that his reign has resulted in.

Only one small problem Mr Hannan says that Gordon Brown was the author of the phrase "British jobs for british workers", actually Brown simply lifted it from the BNP and popularized it. Not the only policy that Labour has in common with the Fascists but even they would probably balk at legislating so as to be able to lock up brown people forever without a proper trial as Labour did with the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001.

The end of the world is not nigh

After years of being neglected RPI is suddenly the flavour of the month when it comes to inflation rates, because unlike before when CPI was the value that showed the lowest inflation rate now RPI does. RPI has even gone to 0% which is causing howls that the end is nigh and deflation stalks the earth.

If they are so worried about deflation then the answer is simple, stop causing it. The only reason why RPI inflation is currently 0% is because of the massive reductions in interest rates that have happened over the last year. The costs of everything else is still going up steadily, and at above the target rate, with CPI inflation at 3.2% and RIPX at 2.5%. Both of these measures were up on last month.

The reduction in RPI will certainly be used as an excuse to debauch the currency by printing money and so ramping up inflation even further. Printing money is the stealthiest of all the stealth taxes, in numerical terms it will not even reduce the number of pounds that you have in your bank account: it will simply make the value of each vanish. However this hard earned value did not simply disappear. For as much value is wiped from the savings of the prudent the same amount is also wiped from the debts of the reckless, with by far the biggest and most reckless sterling debtor being Her Majesty's Government itself (with the Labour Party also having substancial debts). Which is what this really is about; transfering value from savers to the government, and from there on to Labour's payroll vote.

The Nigel Griffiths affair

Just a quick word on the Nigel Griffiths affair. There has been no sign that he was abusing his position to get her to sleep with him. There was no sign that she was abusing her sleeping with him to get promotion. As far as we know he wasn't paying for gifts to her from his expenses account, nor having her tag along on his official engagements (at tax payers expense) in case he felt like a bit of nookie to releave the boredom. He wasn't campaigning against extra-martial sex. In fact the only way that I can see this has any impact on his public duties is the fact that being an MP he was able to enjoy a post coital cigar in his office after banning everybody else from doing the same. This affair has no other bearing on his public office and so should be a private affair between him, his wife, and his mistress. There are much worse things he could have been doing in his office rather than having sex; he could have been legislating. The particularly galling thing is that he is much more likely to loose his job over this private affair than over stealing tax payers money by fiddling his expenses.

March 20, 2009

ID Cards

the governments top secret case for ID cards has finally been released, and guess what? All of the excuses given to the public were nothing more than a pack of lies.